Most Effective 4 Daily Stretches For Runners

Do these 4 Daily Stretches For Runners to help avoid injury and improve your running!

  • Are you one of the many runners who seems to bounce from one niggle to the next?
  • When was the last time you went for a run and nothing hurt?
  • Do you feel like you run with a smooth, efficient, and free-flowing technique?

As a general rule of thumb, runners have stiff and tight bodies compared to the general population.

Running is a very repetitive action through a fairly limited range of movement, and as a result, our lower backs, hips, knees, and ankles all become stiffer over time . . . . . unless you do something about it.

Learn How To Perform These 4 Stretches Correctly

Before you start the 3 Minute stretching routine for runners, watch the videos below for instructions on how to perform each exercise safely and correctly.

Why These 4 Stretches Work For Runners

As a physio and ultra runner, I have used these 4 exercises to help thousands of runners stretch their lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, calf muscles, and Achilles tendons - almost everything a runner needs to stretch, and it only takes 3 minutes.

I have named this video the "3 Minute Morning Stretching Ritual" because that is exactly what it should become. A ritual. Perhaps as soon as you are out of bed, or perhaps before you leave the house to go to work. Whenever you choose to do it, make it consistent until it becomes a habit that you hate to miss.

Runners like to run, and often stretching isn't a priority, so this simple routine is a great way to loosen tight joints and muscles.

Runners Need To Work On Their Stability

I have been treating injured runners for over twenty years and my priority, when writing training programs and prescribing exercises for runners, is to make sure that they stay injury-free.

In my experience, the percentage of runners who lack stability far outweighs the percentage of runners who lack strength.

Try this simple 1 min stability test and see how stable your hips are.  This is a good indicator of future injury!

To improve your stability, this 10-minute Essential core workout for runners is a great place to start.

Follow A Smart Training Plan To Improve Your Running and Get the Most From Your Time

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