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3 Min Stretching Routine For Runners

Free 3 minute workout designed to improve your running mobility 

  • 4 Simple Exercises You Should Do Daily
  • Easy to Follow Video With Technique Instructions
  • Designed By Physio and Ultra Runner Mark Green.

Make This Your 30 Day Challenge

Most runners have stiff, tight, inflexible bodies…. this can lead to poor running form and injury.

These 4 simple exercises, are designed to loosen your lower back, hips, hamstrings, quads, knees, calves and ankles.

Do this 3 minute routine for 30 days and I know you will be amazed with the results

Mark Green


Owner of Physiotherapy Clinic The Body Mechanic and Founder of The Locker Room

Learn from the experts

Created by physiotherapist and elite endurance runner, Mark Green, The 3 min workout, is part of his training regime and the training plans he creates for his runners.

Owner of successful Sydney Physiotherapy clinic, The Body Mechanicand founder of TBM Locker Room, an online training portal for runners, Mark, has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running and achieve their race goals.

His holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique will have you moving better almost immediately.

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