7 Day Meal Plan for Improved Running Performance

  • 3 Meals Per Day Plus Healthy Snacks for Runners in Training
  • Provides Optimal Nutrition to Fuel Performance
  • Delicious Recipes, with Easy Print Shopping List
  • Designed by Nutritionist and Athlete, Tamara Madden
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Step by step 7 day Meal Plans For Runners

These 7 day meal plans will help you fuel your body correctly in order to help you get fitter, perform better during training, and perhaps, also reduce your body fat along the way.

Runners spend so much time getting their training right!

Getting your nutrition right is just as important.

Not fueling your body correctly during training can lead to injury, fatigue and reduced performance.

This simple to follow meal plan, will tell you what to eat to support your training.

If you are investing months into physically training your body, you need to also invest time into understanding how to nourish and fuel your body correctly to ensure you achieve your running goals.

What’s included in your 7 day Meal Plan?

  • Daily delicious recipes, to take the guess work out of preparing your ideal runners meals
  • Advice and options to vary the diet for large training days and recovery
  • Based on the 'Just Eat Real Food Principle', the plan will teach you healthy eating habits you can continue for years
  • There are two Meal Plan Options Available - 1800 cal per day or 2500 cal per day
  • A detailed weekly shopping list, with exact quantities required, so you have no excuses not to do it
  • The recipes and meal plans are designed for one. Evening meals are generally family friendly and can be scaled
  • There are Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meal Plans Available
Meal Plan for Runners Pumpkin receipe

Reset Performance Meal Plans

1800 calories per day


Real Food Reset Plan is suitable for those who are exercising 5-10 hours per week, and perhaps looking to shed a few kilos, or for those who are returning to regular training

Reset Program: 7 Day Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

Reset Program: 7 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

Reset Program: 7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

High Performance Meal Plans

2500 calories per day


Real Food High Performance Plan is suitable for people doing 10-15 hours of training per week, and looking to improve their performance by focusing on a nutrient dense diet.

High Performance: 7 Day Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

High Performance: 7 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

High Performance: 7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

Buy Now — $15.00

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Owner of Nutrition Practice, Mad On Nutrition

Learn from the experts

Created by nutritionist and endurance athlete, Tamara Madden, The 7 day meal plans, have been designed to help runners achieve their personal best..

Owner of sNutrition Practice, Mad On Nutrition, Tamara, has helped hundreds of athletes improve their nutrition to support their race goals.

My years of working as a nutritionist, has helped me to develop these 7 day meal plans, specifically designed to help you remain injury free, and eat whole great food to promote improved performance.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It


Here is a 2 day "Sneak Peak" so you can see how the meal plans are structured, and how easy it will be for you to do the grocery shopping and prepare a perfect weekly runners menu.


Download the Real Food Program - Sneak Peak

Weight Loss for runners

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the meal plan follow a diet protocol ? – ie low carb, paleo, sugar free

No. The meal plan is a balance of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The meal plan is based on the principle of Just Eat Real Food, it includes a variety of protein sources, wholegrains, plenty of vegetables, a small amount of whole fruit and healthy fats.Personal Best Plan. That is for you.

Can I adjust the meal plan to suit my personal needs ?

Yes you can. The Reset program is suitable for most people of medium build and doing a moderate amount of exercise. If you are a smaller build, then you can eliminate one of the snacks. This plan is also suitable for those who are looking to shed a few excess kilos in preparation for getting back into exercise.

The High Performance Plan is suitable if you are a larger build or small/medium build doing a high level of exercise ( 8+ hrs per week.)   This plan is adjustable - by adding or subtracting the number of snacks to meet your energy demands.

Can I use the evening meal for the whole family ?

Yes you can. The evening meals are generally family friendly options, and can be scaled to include more portions, you will just have to adjust the shopping list accordingly.

If you are catering for very active and growing children you may need to include a side dish of carbohydrate such as rice, pasta, cous cous or potato.  Or corn and peas are also a great option.

Does the plan cater for certain food intolerance ?

These plans are generic, as such, they do not cater for specific nutritional requirements or food intolerance. For a specific plan please contact me at mark@tbmlockerroom.com

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