Asia Trail Master Base and Race Training

  • Race Specific Training Plans For Asia Trail Master Events
  • Strength and Stability Workouts To Help You Run Further
  • Easy to Follow Videos to Improve Your Trail Technique
  • 16 Week Advanced Training Programs
  • Designed by Physio and Elite Trail Runner, Mark Green

Daily Ultra Training Program To Guide You On How To Build A Strong Race Body... And Remain Injury Free

We are incredibly excited to partner with Asia Trail Master to provide race specific training plans for selected ultra events.

The Locker Room provides specific trail training plans designed to help trail runners achieve their personal best and avoid injury.

Asia Trail Master is an internationally acknowledged series of trail running races in Asia. It features an annual championship based on a transparent and easy-to-follow points system for runners that enter races. The Asia Trail Master championship series has, in total, 32 races in 15 Asian countries. So if you are looking for your next event there is an incredible range to choose from and we have the ideal training plans to help you succeed.

To help you train smart all the way to race day, we have some race specific training programs, plus a 12 week base plan and a generic 50km and 100km trail race plan to choose from.

Ultra events are an incredible experience. Getting your training right will ensure you turn up ready on race day.

What is included in a 12 Week Base Training Plan?

Base Training Is Highly Recommended Between Race Training Blocks

Base training is the first phase of a training cycle. It helps you to develop the endurance and strength you need to prepare your body for the more challenging, race-specific workouts that come closer to race day.

What is Included In your Base training Phase

  1. A 12 week program designed to progressively improve your endurance and aerobic capacity. 
  2. A daily training plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or letting you over-train. 
  3. Three unique strength workouts every week, to improve your core strength and stability. This will help to prevent injuries and prepare your body for the challenging workouts included in your race specific training phase.
  4. A weekly plan with increased weekly milage as you build to your ultra race plan to ensure you stay on track
  5. Training options for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners.
  6. Information on trail running technique, how to incorporate "B"races into your training, how to use running poles plus more!
UTA race plan Happy lady

Race Specific Plan Now Available for Hakuba and Dalat

Specific Plans Available Now

During the race training block you start to increase the total training volume, and we also increase the intensity of some sessions by incorporating hill reps, stair intervals as well as working on course specific skills like downhill running.

What To Expect in the Race Training Phase

  1. A 16 week program designed to get you race ready. When you arrive at the start line you will feel confident knowing you have trained smart all the way till race day
  2. A daily training plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or allowing you to over-train
  3. We teach you Trail Running Techniques so you can power up the hills and flow down them with ease
  4. Nutrition advice on how to fuel your body during training and on race day
  5. Two strength workouts a week, designed to support your training load, build endurance, and prevent injuries
  6. A weekly plan you can print out and stick on the fridge to ensure you stay on track
  7. Training options for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners
  8. Access to our online running community, with hundreds of other trail runners, to keep you motivated.

The sense of achievement when you cross the finish line is pure joy...


Choose from our range of Trail Specific Training Plans Available Now

UTA Base Training

UTA Base Training

Start Now — $59.00

UTA 22 base

UTA 22 Base + Race

Start Now — $138.00

UTA 50 race and base

UTA 50 Base + Race

Start Now — $138.00

UTA100 base and race

UTA 100 Base + Race

Start Now — $138.00

Mark Green - TBM Lockerroom


Owner of Physiotherapy Clinic The Body Mechanic and Founder of The Locker Room

Learn from the experts

Created by leading physiotherapist and elite endurance runner, Mark Green. The Ultra Base and Race Training Plans have been designed after years of helping runners achieve their personal best..

Owner of successful Sydney Physiotherapy clinic, The Body Mechanic, and founder of TBM Locker Room, an online training portal for runners, Mark, has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running and achieve their race goals.

His holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique will have you moving better almost immediately.


Thank you for the awesome program, without it I don’t think I would have been able to cope with what the UTA50 throws at you!! It was hard to mimic some of the sessions in Mount Isa due to the lack of hills but I got there!!  I even achieved my goal of under 10hrs with 9hrs and 34min

Kristy Wernowski, 50km Trail Event

With Mark’s coaching, plus his strength and conditioning classes, and network of expert professionals, I am now better conditioned and stronger than ever. I continue to knock significant times over my PB’s and increasing my distances. In 2019, I completed GOW100 and UTA100.  I now am better educated about my training, nutrition, heart rates and performance as well as hydration needs and sodium loss rates.

Shane Smedley, 100km Trail Event


Thanks Mark so much for your guidance throughout the last three months.

Because of the training, I just ran and enjoyed the scenery and didn’t overthink anything. The bonus was that I surprised myself on my second trail race ever placing 16th female and a time of 2hrs 25mins in the 22 course.

Amanda Marchant, 22km Trail Event

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