5 Week Calf Tear Rehab Program For Runners

  • Daily Exercises to Rebuild Calf Strength and Improve Core Stability
  • Guided Return to Running Program To Safely Build Volume
  • Run Technique Lessons To Avoid Reinjuring your Calf
  • Designed by Sports Physio and Elite Runner, Mark Green

When to start running again after calf injury?

Calf muscle injuries are one of the most common injuries we see in our physio clinic and they are one of the most mis-diagnosed injuries by medical practitioners.

We have treated literally thousands of runners who have been told they have torn their calf muscle, yet they can walk without pain in 2 days or less, and an MRI scan or Ultrasound Scan shows no physical tears in the muscle fibres.

You need to find out whether you have a calf muscle tear or a calf muscle strain, to know when you can safely return to running. Learn how to diagnose your injury.

What’s included in your 5 Week Calf Tear Rehab Program?

  • Daily rehab exercises, to build run specific strength
  • Easy to follow videos to ensure each exercise is performed correctly
  • Guided Return To Running Program to get you back running safely as soon as possible
  • A detailed rehab checklist, to keep you on track
  • Run Technique videos to improve your form and avoid re injury
Marathon Run Technique

Start the correct rehabilitation program for you!

With a calf muscle tear,  depending on the severity, it may be weeks or months before you are able to return to running.  Following the correct rehab program will get you back running as quickly as possible... without overdoing it and causing re-injury.

This Guide will help self diagnose your injury. We do recommend you seek medical advice before starting any rehabilitation program.

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Calf Muscle Tear – Rehab Program

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Mark Green - TBM Lockerroom


Owner of The Body Mechanic, Locker Room, Sports Physio and Elite Runner

Learn from the experts

Created by leading sports physiotherapist and elite endurance runner, Mark Green, The Calf Rehab Programs have been designed to get you running as soon as possible, and are based on years of helping runners achieve their personal best..

Owner of successful Sydney Physiotherapy clinic, The Body Mechanic, and founder of TBM Locker Room, an online training portal for runners, Mark, has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running and achieve their race goals.

His holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique will have you moving better almost immediately.

"With a passion for running, these guys understand the pain and frustration of running related injuries"

Run by a bunch of guys who seriously understand and know what they're doing. Easy going environment, none of this, 'you need to come back to me every week for 10 weeks' crap you get from a lot of physios. Just highly knowledgeable guys who get you back on the road. High recommend.


The team are great! The best thing is they have a love and passion for running like their patients so can totally appreciate the concern and frustration when running injuries restrict us from time to time. Currently rehabbing and strengthening an overuse running injury. Learning lots of important info from the team on running longevity as injury prevention is better than trying to treat an injury, highly recommend


Awesome physio and ensures you can still train and recover from injury! Practical ways to get you back on track ASAP and to build your strength for the long term!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I buy the incorrect program?

Please email us and we will happily discuss the correct rehabilitation program for you

Does this replace medical advice?

Absolutely not! We highly recommend you seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before starting any rehabilitation program.

I am pain free but not sure how to return to running after an injury

The best program for you would be a Return to Running Program. Please contact us for more information on our full range of programs

Does the plan account for different fitness levels?

No. The plan is generic. However it does provide advice on how to speed up your return to running intervals based on how your body is responding to the rehab program.

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