City2Surf Training Plan

  • 8 Week Guide To Achieve Your Personal Best at the City2Surf
  • Easy to Follow Strength Workouts And Technique Videos
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Options Included
  • Online Coaching and Run Support Group to Keep You On Track

City2Surf Training Program

Start training now - City2Surf 2024 — $19.00
City2Surf Training Plan

Develop Speed, Technique And Endurance

Join A Community Of Runners, Get Running Technique Advice, Specific Strength and Mobility Exercises, Nutrition Tips and Running Distances for your 8 Week City2Surf Training sent to you EVERY WEEK.

Get immediate access to your City2Surf Program when you join. 

1. Daily Training Plan

Aiming for a PB? A race specific City2Surf training plan will make all the difference.

Knowing when to increase the miles, how to add in speed work and when to taper, will have you turning up on race day in peak condition. Avoid over training, injury and burnout.

Marathon Run Technique

2. Running Technique

Learn Specific Techniques And Drills To Improve Your Running Efficiency.

Most runners know running form is important. But many don’t know where to start. Your running form is only as good as your body's strength, coordination, and natural range of motion! 

3. Strength Routines

Good running form requires a strong coordinated body!

These workouts are designed to build endurance to keep you strong over heart break hill, all the way to Bondi Beach.

Follow our daily run specific strength routines and you’ll have more power to keep going when fatigued.

Strength for marathons
Marathon stretching

4. Mobility Exercises

Most runners are tight!  Like many, you probably run for 1 hour a day and sit for 8. This leads to lazy glutes, tight hips and stiff ankles.

Our program shares everything you need to problem solve all of your body's tight areas. We'll improve your range of motion, increase your flexibility and keep you running consistently.

5. Nutritional Advice

What you eat and when you eat it, really does have a big impact on your overall performance.

Get Expert Weekly Advice from our Nutritionist, Tamara Madden. Learn how much to eat during a race, the best training fuels and how to manage your nutrition to achieve peak performance for your City2Surf.

City2Surf Program Tailored For All Abilities

C2surf runner

The City2Surf is one of Australia's iconic events.  It attracts beginners and veterans alike, out to enjoy a stunning day around Sydney Harbour.

This 8 week training program has been specifically designed to prepare you for this epic event. 

It includes detailed plans for intermediate, beginners and advanced, so no matter what your fitness, we've got you covered. 

Turn up at the start line of this year's City2Surf, ready to achieve your personal best.

50% OFF

Now Just $19 

The entire 8-week program is normally $39.  Get Immediate Access Plus weekly reminders starting  Monday 17th June 2024

City2Surf Training Program

Start Training For The City2Surf 2024 Now — $19.00

Our Commitment To You

Learn From The Best

Designed by leading sports physiotherapist and endurance runner, Mark Green, Mark, has helped over 15,000 athletes improve their running and achieve their personal race goals.

New Content Every Week

Get new training content every week to keep you on track. The easy to follow videos will ensure you learn the right techniques, avoid injury and turn up ready to race.

Online Coaching Advice

All members have access to a private online community. Get answers to your training questions, injury management advice and daily tips to keep you on track.

Join Today And Train Smarter For City2Surf 2024

 Save 50% off

Now just $19 for the entire 8 Week City2Surf Training Program

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City2Surf Training Program

Join The 8 Week Program Now — $19.00

Programs are billed upfront. The RRP per week is equivalent to $5 per week

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