Cross Training Program When Injured

You have taken the first steps to a great recovery!

Using a variety of cross-training methods while you are injured is a great way to maintain your fitness and improve your strength and stability while you can't run. It will also help you make a faster and more successful return to running.

My name is Mark Green. I am a physiotherapist and life-long runner. Having treated and helped thousands of runners return safely to running, I know this training plan, combined with the specific foam rolling and core exercises will help you return to running faster.

Download Your Cross-Training Plan Now

Print out your plan, watch the videos below, and get started.

Each of the videos below corresponds with a specific workout in your cross-training program.

These workouts are designed to keep you flexible and strong while you are injured.

3 Minute Morning Stretching Routine

You should start every day of our Cross Training Program with the three minute morning stretch routine. You can do this more than once a day if you have time. A lot of the stiffness and tension in your body will be caused by sitting at work, so any time you sit for a prolonged period of time, this stretching routine will help to loosen your body and reduce your aches and pains.


NB: If you feel any pain doing any of these stretches, then don't push them hard. Depending on your injury, and how tight you are, it might take some time to gradually ease yourself into these positions.

Instruction Videos:

Watch these videos to learn the correct technique for each of the exercises in the 3-minute stretching routine.


5-Minute Strength and Stability Workout
Instruction Videos:

Watch these videos to learn the correct technique for each of the exercises in the 5-minute workout


Foam Rolling


Here are your foam rolling exercises. These will help to reduce the tension in your quad and calf muscles

When can you start running again?

Once you are able to perform your normal daily activities with 2/10 pain or less, then you should be ready to start a gentle and progressive return to running.

You may need to repeat the 4-week cross training plan if your day-to-day pain is still more than 2/10. It will depend on the nature and severity of your injury.

During the early return to running phase, it is vital that you learn to run with good technique, continue to work on your strength and flexibility, and gradually build your volume using a progressive and frequent walk/run intervals.

You are now ready to start The Return To Running Program

This 10-week program is specifically designed to help you build volume safely and improve your running for life.

Be patient and consistent and you will be back running with better technique and a stronger body before you know it.

Please Note: Not all injuries are the same. We definitely recommend you seek medical advice before starting the program. Following the incorrect rehab exercises could delay your recovery or cause further injury. This program is a guide only and does not replace the advice of medical professionals. Full Terms and Conditions