Gipron Trail Running Poles

Gipron Trail Running Poles are one of the world's best and world's lightest trail running poles. The 310 Mont Blanc Carbon4 weighs in at only 110g per pole.

They are used by some of the world's best trail runners including Scotty Hawker, Pau Capell, Jordi Gamito, Fernanda Maciel and Sheila Avilés

This video shows you how easy they are to assemble and collapse. The one thing the video can't show you is just how light they are. You've got to feel them to believe it. An iPhone 5 weighs 170g - the 310 Carbon Poles weigh only 110g

Gipron also make an aluminium model, which, like the carbon model,  also collapse into 4 parts. They are slightly heavier at 175g per pole.

The Carbon poles are available for $330

The Aluminium poles are available for $150

It takes time and practice to become completely proficient running with poles. The sooner you start using them in training the better.

Watch these two videos with trail and pole running guru Scotty Hawker to find out more: