Low Heart Rate (MAF) Training – Explained

The Base and Strength Training Program uses heart rate as a tool to monitor and control your training intensity. Training with a low heart rate helps you to stay healthy and avoid illness and injury while you build your running volume and aerobic fitness.

This 47 minutes long video, covers the most common MAF questions I receive and explains why it can be really helpful in building endurance.

I tried to keep it as brief as possible, but the MAF running always creates a lot of questions.

This will hopefully answer any queries you might have like:

  • Does a chest strap give a more accurate heart rate reading?
  • Should I stay under my MAF number all the time or on average?
  • Can I include cross training sessions while doing the base plan?
  • How long does it take for the MAF training to start working?
  • Can I train 80/20 rather than 100% MAF during the base plan?
  • My watch tells me I'm losing my fitness, should I be worried?
  • Will drinking a double espresso affect my MAF test?

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