Mindset Matters Most!

I have shared an excellent podcast a few times called "Mileage Matters Most" on the Science of Ultra Podcast - in it the podcast host, Shaun Bearden, explains how and why running more easy/aerobic miles per week will have the biggest influence on your overall running performance.

Recently I wrote an article about why getting outside your comfort zone is also very important and beneficial for runners.

Locker Room member Declan O'Reilly recently ran the UTA100, but he very nearly didn't make it to the start line. Luckily for Declan he took the getting outside your comfort zone advice to heart and fronted up to the start line. He ended up having a great race which he is rightly extremely proud of.

Congratulations Declan. I am very glad to have played a small part in what was a tremendous victory for you.

Here is Declan's email:

Hey Mark,

Hope you're well. Congrats on a great race in UTA22!

Been meaning to email you after completing my first UTA 100 two weeks ago. In the previous 3 years, I had entered the 100, got cold feet, contacted the organisers and downgraded to the 50. This year I tried the same, but with the 50 full, the organisers said you can cancel your entry, get a partial refund and try your luck getting a 50 entry in the forums, which was fair enough. Despite less training than planned, I didn't, and instead planned to try the 100 and was confident I could make the Aquatic Centre which would be a PB for distance and on trail I hadn't seen before. Anything after that would be a bonus. To say I was undercooked would be an understatement!

Your email made a massive difference in mindset and made sure I turned up at the start line. It felt great to get out of my comfort zone, and after reaching the Fairmont, I knew I was going to finish. My kids were urging me to have a crack and push on as well. At that point, there was no way I was pulling out. Although it took 23 hours, I'm delighted to have finished the 100 and knocked a bucket list item off. I learned heaps from the race, I enjoyed it, and felt OK at the end. Looking back I know I could have pushed a bit harder at night time, probably drop an hour or two, but mainly it is just great to know that I can do 100K.

Your programs are excellent, and emails like below are the icing on the cake. Thanks for taking the effort to send these, they make a big difference!

Yours in running!