Running Plans For The Whole Family

Organised sport has been cancelled and it can be hard to stay motivated


Exercise is essential for your physical and mental health. The freedom of getting outside for a run feels great.

Our 5km and 10km training plans have been designed to help and encourage students and their families to enjoy running.

Set yourself an achievable goal and give your mind and your body the joy they are craving.


  • Ideal for anyone looking to achieve their first 5km or 10km run
  • Easy to follow 15 minute workouts to improve your technique
  • Daily plans and advice to keep you on track and motivated
  • Achievable goals for your family and friends
  • Learn to love running for life
School running program

Learn To Love Running With These Programs

School 5km running program
10km school running program

These programs have been designed for secondary school students and their families to improve their running over an 8 week period.

The Beginner to 5km Plan is designed for non runners looking to achieve their first 5km run in 8 weeks.

The 10km Road Training Plan is for runners of all abilities looking to improve their 10km personal  best time.

When you sign up you have access to both plans. You and your family can choose the one that best suits your current ability.

In 8 weeks from now, the goal is for you to confidently run 5km or 10km, and enjoy it.

When your school signs up for the program they will issue you with a unique code to access the program.  If you would like your school to take part please contact us on

Parental consent is required for anyone under 18 and should be obtained via your school.

What’s included in your training plans?

  • A weekly program you can print and put on the fridge to stay motivated
  • A plan you can share with your whole family and frends you can do together
  • Access to the 5km and 10km plan so you can choose the goal that suits you
  • Learn the correct running technique, to move efficiently and stay injury-free
  • Two days a week, you’ll strength train, with easy to follow, do anywhere, videos
  • Two foam rolling sessions each week to help to release any tight muscles
  • Join a school strava group and compete against your mates or other schools
  • E-mail reminders to keep you on track
  • No gym or equipment necessary
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Learn From The Experts

Created by physiotherapist and endurance runner, Mark Green. These training plans have been designed after years of helping runners achieve their personal best..

Owner Physiotherapy clinic, The Body Mechanic, and founder of The Locker Room, an online training portal for runners, Mark, has helped thousands of runners improve their running and work towards their race goals.

His holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique will teach you how to move better almost immediately.

Mark Green, Owner of Physiotherapy Clinic The Body Mechanic and Founder of The Locker Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the program?

All students and their immediate family from participating schools have been granted access to Beginner to 5km and 10km road training plans.

Are there any additional charges?

There is no charge for you to access the Beginner to 5km and the 10km road training plan. Any additional plans from The Locker Room are to be purchased by a consenting adult separately.

Why is parental consent required for the program?

Before signing up to this online program it is important parental consent has been given directly to your school.  Once you have provided parental consent the school will provide you with a code to access the training plans.

How long will my access to the training plans be available?

The plans will be available to all school students and their families until 31st Dec 2021. This provides sufficient time to complete the 8 week training plan.


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