Free Meal Plan For Runners


Created by Nutritionist, Tamara Madden, this new range of meal plans is designed specifically to support runners wanting to achieve their Personal Best.

The meal plans are suitable for any athlete looking to take the guess work and decision making out of their meal planning for race training and recovery

There are three main programs to choose from:

The Reset Program:

  • Suitable for most people of medium build and doing a moderate amount of exercise.
  • If you are a smaller build, then you can simply eliminate one of the snacks to ensure the program works for you.
  • This program is also suitable for those who are looking to shed a few excess kilos in preparation for getting back into exercise.

The High Performance Program:

  • Suitable for people who are a larger build or small/medium build doing a high level of exercise ( 8+ hrs per week.)
  • This program is also adjustable by adding or subtracting the number of snacks required to meet your energy demands.

NB: We have gluten free and vegetarian options also available for both the Reset and the High Performance plans.

NEW - Race Recovery: 3 Week Meal Plan

  • Includes nutrients that assist in the recovery process by reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system and repairing tissue damage.  (Learn more about inflammation for runners)
  • More time for rest and sleep - save on daily cooking time by preparing double batches
  • Balance of nutrients each day to feel satisfied
  • Fresh, simple ingredients with easy to follow recipes
  • Includes the recommended 5-7 veggies and 2-3 fruits per day.

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All Meal Plans are designed to Give You The Optimum Balance of Goodness per Day!

The plans are simple and realistic with options for changes/swaps of foods. You are also able to modify the plans according to your needs by adding or subtracting snacks as required.

It is important that you meet your daily requirements of energy when you are in a peak training phase, and conversely that you do not over consume food when you are in a maintenance phase.

The plans includes simple recipes, and many that can be made ahead and stored. All meals and snacks are simple whole foods, and large follow the principle of Just Eat Real Food.

The plans will provide you with adequate macros nutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats) to fuel your body for your training. Options are given in the meal plan to increase your fuel for long runs and recovery meals.

The plans will provide the required 5 serves of vegetables per day, and they will teach you how easy healthy eating can be when you allocate time to shop and prepare for the week ahead.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Here is a 2 day "Sneak Peak" so you can see how the meal plans are structured, and how easy it will be for you to do the grocery shopping and prepare a perfect weekly runners menu - Real Food Program - Sneak Peak

Here are some Real Food Program FAQs which might help to answer any additional questions you may have.

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You spend hours training. What you eat is just as important!