Taping Technique for Central Heel Pain

This taping technique is to help reduce pain which occurs in the centre of your heel.

There are a few different types of foot pain which collectively get lumped into the "Plantar Fasciitis" basket, but each responds slightly different with treatment.

  • This pain is felt right under the heel in the centre. It usually feels like you are standing on something sharp, or standing on a bruise.
  • Central heel pain can potentially be caused by:
    1. A bone spur - a bony growth on the calcaneus (heel bone) possibly caused by trauma or overuse and diagnosed by Xray
    2. Fat Pad Insufficiency - the breakdown or thinning of the protective cushioning fat pad that sits under the calcaneus


If you are not sure what type of foot pain you have, then I suggest you read THIS ARTICLE first to help you work out if  this is the right taping technique for you.

This video explains the different types of foot pain

We also have a Plantar Fasciitis Rehab Program on the Locker Room which is an 8-week program including a return to running training plan made up of incremental walk/run intervals. It also includes a number of stretches and exercises to help reduce the tension in your legs and feet.

If  you have been suffering from any sort of heel, foot or arch pain, then following this program will help you to fix your problem so that you can make a full return to running.