The Shoes and Socks 30-Day Challenge

Can you put on your shoes and socks without putting your foot on the floor?

It is a good test of your general strength, stability and mobility. It should be easy. But I bet it's not as easy as you think.

You need to have good strength and stability in your ankle, plus you need to have a hip and lower back which are flexible enough for you to manoeuvre into a position that allows you to comfortably reach your foot.

Make this a 30 day challenge. 

If you struggle to do it, keep practising and see how much easier it becomes over the 30 days.

If you find it easy, then try it with a pair of compression socks or Injinji toe socks to make it harder.

Once you've done it for 30 days, this could easily turn into one of those daily tasks that you carry on with forever.