Jabulani Challenge Training Plan 2024

  • Jabulani Challenge 12km, 22km and 45km Training Plan
  • Strength and Stability Workouts To Help You Run Further
  • Easy to Follow Videos to Improve Your Trail Technique
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Programs
  • Designed by Physio and Elite Trail Runner, Mark Green

The Jabulani Program Will Help You Build A Strong Race Body And Remain Injury Free

The Jabulani Challenge is an exciting event!

With stunning views, steep hills, technical single trails, creek crossings, rainforests, and waterside tracks, you have signed up for one fantastic event!

Training for an event like the Jabulani is a lot of fun and the 45km race is generally a lot tougher than people anticipate.

Having an exciting goal and a plan to follow will keep you motivated.

To help you train smart all the way to race day, we have developed two specific training programs, an 8-week base plan, and a 12-week race plan, for the Jabulani Challenge 2024.

8-Week Jabulani Base Training Plan

Base Training Starts 20th November 2023

Base training is the first phase of a training cycle. It helps you to develop the endurance and strength you need to prepare your body for the more challenging, race-specific workouts that come closer to race day.

What To Expect in the Base Training Phase

  1. A 8 week program designed to progressively improve your endurance and aerobic capacity. 
  2. A daily training plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or letting you over-train. 
  3. Three unique strength workouts every week, to improve your core strength and stability. This will help to prevent injuries and prepare your body for the challenging workouts included in your race specific training phase.
  4. A weekly plan you can print out and stick on the fridge to ensure you stay on track and keep you motivated
  5. Training options for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners.
  6. Information on trail running technique, how to incorporate "B"races into your training, plus more!
Medicine Ball Workout above head

12-Week Jabulani Race Training

Jabulani Challenge Race Training Starts 20th May 2024

During the race training block, we gradually start to increase the total training volume, and we also increase the intensity of some sessions by incorporating hill reps, stair intervals as well as working on course-specific skills like downhill running and technical single terrain.

What To Expect in the Race Training Phase

  1. A 12 week program designed to get you race ready. When you arrive at the start line you will feel confident knowing you have trained smart all the way till race day
  2. A daily training plan that will keep you on track, without breaking your body or allowing you to over-train
  3. We teach you Trail Running Techniques so you can power up the hills and flow down them with ease
  4. Nutrition advice on how to fuel your body during training and on race day
  5. Two strength workouts a week, designed to support your training load, build endurance and prevent injuries
  6. A weekly plan you can print out and stick on the fridge to ensure you stay on track
  7. Training options for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners
  8. Access to our online running community, with hundreds of other runners, to keep you motivated.

During the race training 

The sense of achievement when you cross the finish line is pure joy...


Train with us all the way until you cross the finish line

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20 Weeks Base + Race Training

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Jabulani challenge 20 week training plan

Jabulani Base + Race Training Plan

Start 20-Week Training Now — $79.00

12 Weeks Jabulani Race Training

Just $5 per week*

Jabulani challenge 12 weeks training plan

Jabulani Challenge Training Plan

Start 12-Week Training Now — $59.00

*Full price of 20 week plan is $79 and 12 week plan is $59. The entire amount is charged upfront. Access to your training plan ends 13th August 2024.

Mark Green


Owner of Physiotherapy Clinic The Body Mechanic and Founder of The Locker Room

Learn from the experts

Created by physiotherapist and endurance runner, Mark Green. The Jabulani Training Plan 2024, has been designed after years of helping runners achieve their personal best..

Owner Physiotherapy clinic, The Body Mechanic, and founder of The Locker Room, an online training portal for runners, Mark, has helped thousands of runners improve their running and work towards their race goals.

His holistic approach to training, including strength, mobility, nutrition and running technique will teach you how to move better almost immediately.


Another happy finisher! Thanks Mark for your fantastic program - I enjoyed everything about it and it really kept me motivated! The course was amazing - such spectacular scenery and a tough course - those steps coming down - far out they were hard!! The organization and aid stations were the best.

Sam English

I was in seventh heaven and hooked! I began immediately planning my next trail run with my friends…CC and TBM Locker Room had created a monster !!!
In seriousness I finished this race in good shape and with a very big smile because of the TBM Locker Room training plan and support. Had I continued my own spreadsheet the results would’ve been very ugly indeed and more than likely I would’ve sustained injury due to poor stability and run strength!

Debbie Watson


Thanks Mark for all your fabulous information and training advice. I did come down with the flu during taper which was really unfortunate, however got to the start line today with the goal to finish & enjoy the run. I did this and managed a PB by about 20mins. I already feel better than after last year's finish. My running buddies enjoyed your tips on stretching, which I passed on. They agree it has made a huge difference.

Vanessa Brown

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