UTA22 Course Changes 2021

The new UTA22 course has some undulating firetrail, a lot more stairs (down the Golden Stairs, up the Leura Stairs), a technical section over an area called "the landslide", and a lot more scenery to enjoy.


Your training for this new course does not need to change dramatically. Our UTA22 plan already includes hill and stair training. The most beneficial thing you could alter or focus on in your training from now until race day is to try and make your long runs on a mixture of terrain that include both hills and stairs. Try to get comfortable with going downstairs especially. Running/Hiking down the Golden Stairs early in the race could potentially "cook" your quads if they are not used to it.


For those who can't get to stairs for training, squat jumps and reaching lunges will be two of the most useful exercises to replicate the stress caused by stairs. When there are stair reps in the training plan, you could instead stop every km on a run and do 20 jump squats and 20 reaching lunges.


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Jump Squats

Reaching Lunges