Who are we


The Locker Room was created by Mark Green as a “One-Stop-Shop” resource that runners can use to improve their running performance and to learn how to keep their body’s injury-free.

Mark started endurance running at a young age. He ran a half marathon as a 9 year old, and had completed 20 half marathons by the age of twelve. Growing up beside Fiordland National Park in the Deep South of New Zealand meant he developed a love for trail running at a very young age. He first completed the 60km Kepler Challenge Mountain run at the age of 15, and has since finished a further 12 Kepler Challenges with his best result being 2nd place in 2014 at the ripe old age of 41.

Mark studied Physiotherapy at Otago University in New Zealand, graduating in 1996. He spent three years working with a variety of sports teams in Christchurch before shifting to London where he opened a practice specialising in the treatment and rehabilitation of running related injuries. During his 11years working in London, Mark spent time working with a number of running specialist health professionals, further increasing his knowledge and understanding of running related injuries. He became a certified POSE running coach, and worked alongside one of the world’s leading “barefoot running” experts.

He moved to Sydney in April 2011, becoming a business partner in The Body Mechanic. His work at The Body Mechanic continues to be dominated by the treatment and rehabilitation of running related injuries. He focuses primarily on prevention, working with clients to improve their running technique and focusing on their mobility, flexibility and stability. This holistic approach, which integrates every component of a runner’s training, has helped a lot of Mark’s clients return to full running with great results.

During his years of endurance sport Mark has suffered numerous injuries. Mostly as a result of falling off bikes and skis. His injuries include:

  • 7 broken ankles (and two ankle operations)
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery (menisectomy)
  • A ruptured calf muscle
  • Achilles tendonitis (transitioning too quickly to minimalist running shoes)
  • Stress fractured tibia

Although finding these injuries frustrating, they have helped to shape Mark’s approach to training as well as to the rehabilitation of running injuries. He has learnt through trial and error what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to returning to running from a significant injury.

The Locker Room is a culmination of this combined experience:

  • 30 + years of competitive running
  • 20 years working as a sports based physiotherapist, 15 of which have involved specialising in running injuries
  • Self experience at returning to running from injury.

Mark’s sporting achievements include:

  • Fastest Marathon: 2hrs 33mins (Mallorca 2003)
  • Fastest Ironman: 9hrs 12mins (Ironman Austria 2010)
  • World Multisport Champs (Coast to Coast NZ) 10th - 2003
  • Kepler Challenge 60km Mountain Run: 3rd – 1994, 5th – 2013, 2nd - 2014
  • TNF100km - Australia: 6th – 2013, 7th - 2014
  • 1st Place Ultra Trail Australia 50km 2016
  • 1st Place Coastal Classic (29km trail) – 2015
  • Mt Solitary Ultra (45km trail) – 2nd – 2015, 3rd 2016
  • 6 Foot Track – 45km Ultra Trail – 3rd – 2013, 4th – 2014, 3rd - 2015, 4th – 2016
  • Kedumba Half Marathon – 3rd – 2014, 2nd – 2015, 1st – 2016